Legal Services

Trade unions

Workers join together in trade unions to improve their working conditions and to work for justice in the greater community. As lawyers, we help unions navigate the legal system in pursuit of these goals. Whether it is forming a union, negotiating a collective agreement, arbitrating grievances, applying to labour boards and the courts, or challenging legislation restricting the rights of working people, we bring experience, creativity and common sense to representing unions and their members.

Individual Employees

We know how important work can be. The right legal advice can help you make difficult decisions at the start, during, or at the end of an employment relationship. We help employees understand what their rights are in the workplace. We provide information and advice to allow employees to negotiate employment situations. We also represent employees in negotiations and hearings involving human rights, termination of employment and other employment-related issues.

Professional Regulation

Professionals invest time and effort gaining the skills and knowledge to become members of their profession. Professionals play important roles in society, and must maintain the trust and confidence of the public. We help clients respond to complaints and other issues related to their professional licenses. We have both prosecuted and acted on behalf of members in proceedings in front of self-governing professional associations. Contact us to discuss whether we can help you.


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